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Billed as a return of the original Bond, Sean Connery (1930-2020), Never Say Never Again was released in the fall of 1983, some months after the premiere of Octopussy (1983). Some lauded the return of Connery to the world of Bond: ‘Ah yes James, it’s good to have you back again’ (Roger Ebert, 1983) while for others ‘Connery was perhaps wise to call it quits first time round’ (William Thomas, Empire Online, 2000). Never Say Never Again is a film which offers some intriguing scenes and succeeds in providing a rousing adventure with an excellent supporting cast. The images in this section of the archive offer a unique look into the production of the movie, produced outside of the Eon banner. Thanks to John Auty for sharing his collection of stills. Stills photographers are credited as Bob Penn and Michael Douglas MIddelton (second unit).

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