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Filming began for You Only Live Twice on the 4 July 1966. Released in 1967, this James Bond adventure is perhaps most notable for production designer Ken Adam’s (5 February 1921 – 10 March 2016) volcano set and the stunning Japanese landscapes lensed by director of photography Freddie Young (9 October 1902 – 1 December 1998). Of interest are the behind the scenes stills which document both exterior and interior development of the set, which was built at Pinewood studios in Buckinghamshire, England. There are also images of actor Jan Werich (6 February 1905 – 31 October 1980), who was originally cast as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, before actor Donald Pleasence (5 October 1919 – 2 February 1995) took over to film one of the most iconic roles in the series. Stills photographer is listed as Joe Pearce (22 September 1915 – 17 December 1999). Additional contributions to this collection are from Julian Keen, Tim Greaves and Terry Hine. 

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