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With the release of Goldfinger in 1964, the James Bond film series firmly established itself in the public conscience. Highlights in the archive include a visit to the set at Pinewood Studios by Bond author Ian Fleming (28 May 1908 – 12 August 1964), behind the scenes images of the gilding of actress Shirley Eaton and the filming of the laser beam sequence with actor Sean Connery (25 August 1930 - 31 October 2020) and director Guy Hamilton (16 September 1922 – 20 April 2016). There are also  many iconic location stills of the Aston Martin DB5 in the Furka Pass, Switzerland and at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, England. Production started on the 15 January 1964, while Connery was still completing work on Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie (1964). Terry O’Neill (30 July 1938 – 16 November 2019) photographed stills for the film. 

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