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For the production of the sixteenth James Bond adventure, Licence To Kill (1989), Eon Productions chose Churubusco Studios in Mexico City as their base for the film. Shooting commenced on the 18 July 1988 inside the studios with the scene that introduced Robert Davi’s character Franz Sanchez to audiences. Additional locations included Mexico City, Acapulco and Florida Keys, USA. Highlights in the archive include some exquisite shots at the Casino Espagnol, Mexico City of actors Timothy Dalton, Carey Lowell and Talisa Soto at the gambling tables. The real highlight of Licence To Kill is perhaps veteran director John Glen’s cinematic Kenworth tanker truck chase, which serves as the film’s exciting climax. Indulge in some of the behind the scenes stills that provide an insight into how this breathtaking sequence was captured for real on film. Stills photographers credited as Keith Hamshere and George Whitear (second unit). Additional stills were photographed by Douglas Kirkland and Erik Hollander. Special contributions to this section of the archive are from Julian Keen, Laurent Perriot and Dalton Fishers. 

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