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AVTAK PSBTS  219.1.jpg


The main plot of A View To A Kill (1985) is about industrialism and microchip domination. Villain Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) plans to destroy silicon valley in California, the worlds foremost producer of microchips. Interwoven into this story are the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. You can see these stunning landmarks in the numerous production and behind the scenes stills included in this archive. In addition, there are some very classy black and white photographs of actors Roger Moore (14 October 1927 – 23 May 2017) and Christopher Walken on location in France while filming at the Chateau Chantilly. Special mention must also go to the vivacious images of Grace Jones as May Day. Jones was encouraged by director John Glen to use colourful make up as part of her character. This, together with some particularly striking costumes from designer Emma Porteous, helped ensure Jones’s appearance in the film did not go unnoticed. Also of reference are the publicity stills of the cast and crew at the opening of the newly rebuilt 007 stage at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, England. The stage had recently caught fire during filming of Legend (1985) starring Tom Cruise. Producer Albert R. Broccoli (5 April 1909 – 27 June 1996) was instrumental in rebuilding the stage and so it was renamed in his honour. Stills photographers are credited as Keith Hamshere and George Whitear. 

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