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OCTO PSBTS  060.jpg


James Bond’s all time high was Octopussy (1983). With its colourful locations in India this 007 adventure adds a true exotic feel to these archives. Roger Moore (14 October 1927 – 23 May 2017) often stated his favourite leading lady was Maud Adams. The promotional stills contain some fantastic images of Moore and Adams together in the various locations that were used in the movie. The behind the scenes stills showcase some the of the stunt crew doubling for the main characters in the films. Regulars such as Martin Grace, Paul Weston, BJ Worth and Jake Lombard can be seen throughout the gallery and would make further contributions to future Bond action scenes. Look out for a production still featuring stuntman Wayne Michaels. Michaels would go on to double Pierce Brosnan for the opening jump at the Contra Dam at Lake Locarno in Switzerland, for the pre credit sequence of GoldenEye (1995). Stills photographers are credited as Frank Connor and George Whitear. Special contributions to this section of the archive are from Julian Keen, Dave Bickers, Jon Auty, and Tim Greaves.

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