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There are over one hundred images in this archive for the pre-credit sequence of SPECTRE (2015). The production team returned to Mexico City (after 1989’s Licence To Kill) to film the day of the dead festival and the helicopter chase over the large crowds attending the procession. The stills illustrate the vast number of extra’s that were used, all in full costume, and provide an insight into how the stunt sequences were captured on film. Another returning location in SPECTRE was Tangier in Morocco, which had been seen in Timothy Dalton’s first Bond film The Living Daylights (1987). Production on the twenty-fourth Bond film began on the 6th of December 2014 in Austria and completed on the 5th of July 2015. Stills photographers credited as Jonathan Olley, Tobias Sullivan and Jasin Boland (second unit). Additional stills by Greg Williams. 

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