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Delayed from its original 2020 release date, No Time To Die finally reached the cinema screen in 2021. The film sees the return of Daniel Craig to the coveted role of 007, completing a five film run over a period of fifteen years. Released to a mixed critical reception ranging from being ‘hindered by an unconvincing emotional storyline’ (Kim Newman, British Film Institute, 2021) to finishing ‘off the saga of Craig’s 007 in the most honestly extravagant of style’ (Owen Glieberman, Variety, 2021) this final film to be incorporated into the Thunderballs archive contains some striking images of the pre-title sequence shot in Metera as well as some behind the scenes footage on location as well as scenes filmed at Pinewood Studios. Stills photographers on the film are credited as Nicola Dove, Greg Williams,
Jasin Boland, Christopher Raphael, Ed Miller (second unit). Additional photography by Max Eary. 

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